2. Getting an Overview

2.1. Dashboard

The dashboard is displayed when logging in to the platform (see Fig. 2.1).

The following information is displayed:

Average purchase price per IP address

Average price per IP address that is paid to the MSP.

Billing Method Selected

Number of subscriptions by respective category:

  • Free

  • MSP: managed-service customers

  • Self-service customers

  • Project: project keys with special conditions

Total IP’s

Total number of all (internal and external) IP addresses sold to all end customers.


Number of external IP addresses sold to all end customers.


Number of internal IP addresses sold to all end customers.

Total Purchase

Total amount of money that is paid to the MSP.

Income Selfservice

Amount of money received from customers in self-service mode.

Development within 6 months

Development of number of sold IP addresses over the last 6 months, divided into internal and external IP addresses.


Fig. 2.1 Overview dashboard

2.2. Managed Security

End customers can enable access to some of their reporting.

Clicking Managed Security in the menu panel provides a list of customers who have enabled monitoring. The table displays the customer’s number of tasks and the number of severities for each severity class.

Clicking managed_sec_info provides detailed information like the severity trend and a full list of tasks.