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  • Greenbone Security Manager with Greenbone OS 20.08
    • GMP (Greenbone Management Protocol) Version 20.08
    • Via GMP any functionality of the vulnerability management can be controlled.

      For developers of GMP-based applications an analysis feature is available: Appending "&xml=1" to the URL in the web browser will disable the conversion of the XML objects into HTML. Instead, the response will contain the XML objects without any transformation. This XML response contains among other elements those XML objects that are used also by corresponding calls via GMP.

    • OSP (Open Scanner Protocol) Version 20.08
    • Via OSP the vulnerability management can control various vulnerability scanners. These scanners must either offer the protocol OSP on their own or connected via an adapter ("OSP wrapper").

      Greenbone OS offers OSP wrappers for some scanners directly integrated into the appliance. It is also possible to connect OSP wrappers that run on other systems.

      The web interface of Greenbone OS allows to bind further OSP scanners via section Configuration/Scanner. The OSP wrappers which are directly integrated in GOS are activated via gos-admin-menu.

      This technical specification is only relevant for developing your own OSP wrapper. The GSM user manual provides a introduction to OSP development.

    • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): MIBs for GOS 20.08
    • Greenbone OS supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor operational parameters of your Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) appliance.

      This specification provides you with with the management information base (MIB) files for the special object identifiers (OIDs) your GSM provides through SNMP.

    • Greenbone Support Package (GSP): Technical Documentation for GOS 20.08
    • Greenbone OS can be asked to create a Greenbone Support Package (GSP). A GSP collects various information about the system state and systems logs and is meant to help troubleshooting a problem.

      This documentation describes the content of the GSP ZIP archive files and provides hints on where to find which type of information. It is the user’s choice or customer’s policy which information is regarded sensitive and thus removed or anonymized before handing over the GSP for analysis.

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