1 vMSP and End Customer Overview#

The dashboard is displayed when logging in to the platform.

By clicking Last Month or Current, the time frame for the dashboard can be selected. Forecast shows the probable development of the values based on the current ones.

The following information is displayed:

Your Total Income

Total amount of money received from all end users of all vMSPs.

Billing Method Selected

Number of subscriptions by respective category for all end customers of all vMSPs:

  • Free

  • MSP: managed-service customers

  • Self-service customers

  • Project: project keys with special conditions

Total IP’s

Total number of all (internal and external) IP addresses sold to all end customers of all vMSPs.


Number of external IP addresses sold to all end customers of all vMSPs.


Number of internal IP addresses sold to all end customers of all vMSPs.

Your Total Purchase

Total amount of money that is paid to Greenbone.

Average Price per IP address

Average price per IP address that is paid to Greenbone.

IP amounts in the last 6 Months

Development of number of sold IP addresses over time, separated into internal and external IP addresses.


A vMSP can be selected in the upper right corner. Only values for this vMSP and for end customers of this vMSP will be displayed in the dashboard.


Fig. 1.1 Overview dashboard#

The table below the dashboard shows the total amounts billed to vMSPs (see Fig. 1.2). The values shown are based on the selection Last Month, Current, or Forecast.

If Pricing is selected, the amounts of all end customers of the respective vMSP are added up.

If Details is selected, the individual end customers are displayed with the respective duration of use and the purchased IP addresses.

By clicking download a JSON file of the respective overview can be downloaded.


Fig. 1.2 List of all total amounts billed to vMSPs#