16. Tools

This chapter presents some additional tools which may be used with the GSM appliance.

16.1. GVM-Tools

The gvm-tools implement the Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP). These tools are supplied by Greenbone Networks for both the Linux and the Windows operating system. These tools are provided both as a commandline tool and a Python Shell. You can download the tools for Microsoft Windows at:

The tool is a statically linked executable file that should work on most Microsoft systems. Greenbone has released all components as open source so you can build the tool for other systems like Linux as well:

Please be aware of the fact, that the tools require Python3 to work. To install the tools first clone the repository and then install the tools using:

$ git clone https://github.com/greenbone/gvm-tools.git
$ cd gvm-tools
$ sudo python3 setup.py install

Greenbone has already developed a small collection of scripts using these tools they may be found in the scripts directory at the BitBucket repository.

The usage of the tool is explained in section Greenbone Management Protocol.

16.2. check_gmp.py

Greenbone provides the check_gmp.py plugin for integration of the GSM appliance into network monitoring solutions like Nagios, Icinga and Check_MK. The tool may be downloaded from https://download.greenbone.net/tools/check_gmp.py.

The SHA256 checksum is:

  • SHA256: 7d483bd2ad304872c5f4487a492ef6e4357b58aecd68f51fc7b363fa8273a9bb.

This checksum was validated on Sept 6th 2017. If the checksum of the downloaded file differs, please contact Greenbone Networks Support.

The tool is a python script that requires the installation of the gvm-tools. Greenbone has released all components as open source so you can build the tool for other systems as well

Download the plugin to your monitoring system and make it executable:

omd-host :~# wget -q https://download.greenbone.net/tools/check_gmp.py
omd-host :~# chmod 755 check_gmp.py
omd-host :~# $ /tmp/check_gmp.py --version
check_gmp 1.0

The usage of the plugin is described in section Nagios.

16.3. Splunk Application

Greenbone Networks offers a small application for the integration with Splunk. The application is currently available at https://download.greenbone.net/tools/Greenbone-Splunk-App-1.0.1.tar.gz. If you have problems downloading or testing the application please contact Greenbone Support.

The installation of the splunk app is quite simple. The following guide uses the splunk enterprise version 6.4.3. The installation of the app in splunk light is not supported.

To install the app first login to your splunk server. Navigate to Splunk->Apps->Manage Apps.


Splunk support the installation of 3rd party add-ons.

Choose Install app from file. Browse to the downloaded Greenbone-Splunk-App and upload it to the splunk server.


3rd party add-ons may be installed from file.

Choose Upload. The next screen will show the successful installation of the plugin.


Splunk lists the add-on after successful installation.

Please check the port of the Greenbone-Splunk-App after the installation. You can access the port in the Web-Gui via Settings->Data inputs->TCP.


The port of the app is required for the configuration on the GSM.