4.8. ReadinessΒΆ

To verify the availability and correct configuration of the appliance the GOS-Admin-menu offers the possibility of a self-check. Start up the GOS-Admin-Menu and select the SelfCheck option.

The GSM now verifies if all pre-requisites exist to operate.


Verifying of the operational pre-requisites

The individual pre-requisites are:

  • Subscription key
  • Web-administrator (scan administrator)
  • Up-to date feeds
  • Connectivity to the Greenbone feed server
  • Configuration of the DNS server
  • Connectivity and functionality of the DNS server
  • Available disk space of the hard disk
  • Version of the operating system
  • Validity of the SSL certificate
  • Availability of the configured sensors (only Midrange and Enterprise models)
  • Operational state of the internal services

Please reboot the appliance if you have changed any fundamental settings or after the first configuration.