4.3. Management AdapterΒΆ

If more than one network adapters are available you can chose through which network adapter the administrative interface of the GSM will be available. This is set by the GSM variable ifadm.

This setting configures which network card may be used to access both the SSH CLI and the HTTPS web gui (Greenbone Security Assistant). The default value is all. If this setting is restricted to a specific nic like eth2 both the SSH service and the HTTPS service is bound to this network card.

If the HTTPS interface is accessed via https://<ip-of-gsm>/ the appropiate ip address of the configured nic needs to be used and the SSL certificate must be issued to this ip address. If the interface is accessed via https://<fqdn-of-gsm>/ the name must resolve to the interface of the configured nic and the certificate must be issued to the fqdn.