4.7. Activation keyΒΆ

Every Greenbone Security Manager appliance requires an activation key. The GSM ONE already comes with a pre-installed activation key. If you are evaluating a GSM DEMO an activation key is already pre-installed.

If an activation key is installed can be verified by starting up the GOS-Admin-Menu. The title bar shows if an activation key exists. In the example in figure Verifying of the activation key the subscription gsf201309161 is stored.


Verifying of the activation key

Alternatively from the command line execute show customer.


Verifying of the activation key from the command line

If no activation key is stored you should have received it usually separately. After running subscriptiondownload you must enter they key via copy/paste. Ideally this is done via SSH connection with the appliance. Possibly SSH access needs to be activated (see SSH Access).