Greenbone Enterprise Appliance with Greenbone OS 21.04 – Manual


GOS 21.04 is a retired GOS version.

The Greenbone Enterprise Appliance should always be operated in a version supported by Greenbone (including patch level). Otherwise, the following problems/effects may occur:

  • Functionalities may be missing or limited
  • Incompatibilities may occur (e.g., with the feed)
  • Scan coverage may be decreased or vulnerability detection may be missing
  • No more patches are provided, unfixed bugs or security vulnerabilities may occur
  • Quality assurance and documentation are discontinued
  • Support is limited to assistance in upgrading to a supported GOS version

This is the manual for the Greenbone Enterprise Appliance with Greenbone OS (GOS) version 21.04. Due to the numerous functional and other differences between GOS 21.04 and previous versions, this manual should not be used with older versions of GOS.

The Greenbone Enterprise Appliance is under constant development. This manual attempts to always document the latest software release. It is, however, possible that latest functionalities have not been captured in this manual.

Should you have additional notes or error corrections for this manual, contact the Greenbone Enterprise Support.

The copyright for this manual is held by the Greenbone AG. The license information for the feeds used by the Greenbone Enterprise Appliance can be found at Greenbone and the Greenbone logo are registered trademarks of the Greenbone AG. Other logos and registered trademarks used within this manual are the property of their respective owners and are used only for explanatory purposes.

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